Norwegian Energy

Fjord Visjon introduces a new energy drink, with No Eś & no added sugar & that tastes GOOD!

Interested in more information about the Norwegian healthy energy drink, that will compete with Monster red bull etc?

Contact Mads on +47 9216 3985 or to get some more information or order a case.

Norwegian Energy – Power to the people!


Mads Bækkelund

The driving force behind the new energy drink is adventurer and captain Mads Bækkelund


Johannes Flåbraathen på vei oppover men trenger en Norwegian Energy før ferden videre



Category and Segment Environment


The category is defined by consumers as “energidrikke”, consisting of healthy juice from carrot and apple, ginger vanilla, and Japanese green tea. No additives, no sugar, a good taste and energy to push you through the day.

6 Competes with Red Bull, Monster and Burn, but is also an independent drink with its own lifestyle.

Perceived as a soft drink with energy, that gives you a better more active day, and a cool image.

I min hektiske hverdag setter jeg ekstra stor pris på rask energitilførsel som også er sunn og smaker godt.

Target Group (demographic and values)
Everyone with a flair for a good time and/or a love for the active things in life.

Key Insight
In today’s busy world “My Time” for personal indulgence is increasingly precious.

Brand Benefits (Functional and Psychological)
Functional: NHE has a taste and feel in the mouth that result in a sensation of happyness and good energy. Emotional: NHE is for everybody, not only the heroes you see with Red Bull.

Reason to Believe
NHE comes in a stylish clean honest bottle, and a sensational taste that gives youreason to believe you are healthy and filled with energy.

experience = happy !

Discriminator (product-based or psychological)
The coolest and most honest energydrink.

Brand Personality and Rol
NHE is a close partner in your day to day life to make you fresh and cool.

Core Idea
Easy to be healthy and energized.


Processing carrots for the healthy no sugar no E = real energy drink: